Who wouldn’t like to work with a reliable HVAC company whenever they need their home or office’s air ducts cleaned? At AM Pure Services, we know how important an HVAC system is to your health and comfort. With over 10 years of experience in professional duct cleaning, you can be sure that you are working with the best team whenever we take on your project. What’s more, all our duct cleaning technicians are highly trained and professionally certified, which means they’ll exceed your expectations every time. We also employ powerful and effective ultramodern duct cleaning systems to ensure you get value for every dollar spent any time you engage our techs.

Why do we focus on duct cleaning?

At AM Pure Services, we prioritize air duct cleaning because it is a major determinant of indoor air quality. We understand how important your indoor air comfort is to you and your family and we always strive to deliver exactly that in our professional cleaning. Working with our certified techs means working with a team that understands all your heating and cooling needs.In summer, you expect your air conditioner to produce a pleasant stay indoors. However, it cannot maintain such standards if it is not in tip-top shape. To refresh you enough, your cooling system must perform optimally and efficiently throughout the uncomfortably hot season.Similarly, your furnace is no good if it cannot warm your home enough to enhance your indoor air comfort during the harshness of winter. If the furnace is heating the house less effectively than it should, then you are getting a poor return on your HVAC investment.This is where air duct cleaning comes in. With proper air duct cleaning, your HVAC system is sure to deliver peak performance when it matters most. In other words, the air ducts and filters of the system must be kept clean to guarantee a seamless heating and cooling operation throughout.

If you see that the vent contains any visible dust or debris, it is time to get the ducts taken care of.

What could go wrong with your HVAC system?

To maintain a clean and healthy home environment, your HVAC system has to be operating optimally. When compromised, the system could be a health hazard. It is not uncommon for your system’s air ducts and filters to collect dust, odor, or have a dust mite infestation after running for a while. This may result in clogged air filters that in turn render your system ineffective. Operating a clogged system is also hazardous because you end up blowing dirt and dust all over your house. The compromised indoor air in turn causes allergies and nose irritations.

This then defeats the whole purpose of having an HVAC system in the first place and begs the question, “Would you be comfortable if you’re in a cool or warm indoor atmosphere but sneezing endlessly?” In addition to causing allergies, the restricted airflow may also compromise the efficacy of your HVAC system. Consequently, the system ends up consuming more electricity and hurting your pockets. The good news is that as soon as you engage our unmatched duct cleaning services, you can sit back, relax, and have your HVAC system’s efficiency restored. Simply put, we give you back the freedom to breathe by ensuring that you have safe air in your home.

Do You Need Air Duct Cleaning?

Most homeowners don’t have a clue what air duct cleaning entails let alone when it needs to be done. Whenever the subject comes up, most people’s reactions stem from these popular concerns: • How does the air duct cleaning process work? • When is the right time to clean the vents of my HVAC system? Although answering the “how” requires a detailed explanation, which we’ll explore later, you can easily tell the “when” through simple observation. To establish if your air ducts need cleaning, we recommend the following easy-to-follow approach: 1. Using a screwdriver, unfasten your floor or wall register (vent cover) to remove it. 2. Then engage a mirror and flashlight to observe the ductwork’s condition. 3. If you see any visible debris or dust inside the vent, it is time your ducts got a thorough cleanup!

What Do I Need To Know?

You should know that air duct cleaning takes a lot more than merely blowing out the vents inside your home. The task is more complicated than it looks or sounds because the vents are only a part of your home’s entire duct system. In its entirety, the system comprises the following components: • Return vents • Supply vents • Coils • Drain pan • Vent registers • Air plenum • Blower • Motor and assembly • Heat exchanger • Air cleaner • Air filter So, why is it necessary to clean your home’s ducts? Duct cleaning is necessary because the ducts collect dust after a while. The accumulated dust then results in musty smells, increased dusting frequency, and poor heating and cooling performance. Although repetitive dust cycling is a normal occurrence inside your home, it can intensify the need for air duct cleaning. Other factors that may hasten the need to clean and add to its frequency include: • Pets • Occupants with allergies or asthma • Cigarette or cigar smoke • Water contamination or damage to the home or HVAC system • Home renovation or remodeling projects

The Problem

Without your HVAC system, climate control inside your home is impossible. Without proper climate control, you cannot guarantee the quality of indoor air for your family, friends, guests, and pets. To turn your house into a livable space, that is a situation you want to avoid at all costs. It helps to note that the same dirt, pollen, and contaminants landing on your carpet can equally collect and circulate inside your HVAC system. As polluted air builds up gradually, your heating and cooling system becomes dirty. Ultimately, this ends up compromising your home’s indoor air quality. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality should urgently concern you. It is among the leading causes of health issues such as: • Heart diseases • Cancer • Respiratory diseases • Headaches, fatigue, and dizziness • Eye, nose, and throat irritation Moreover, dirt accumulation on your heating or cooling coils reduces the operating efficiency of your HVAC unit. The gravity of the problem thereby makes air duct cleaning one of the most essential cleaning services in any home.

Our Methods

Our duct cleaning techniques vary based on your home’s unique needs. In most cases, however, we apply special brushes to get rid of dirt and other stubborn debris before vacuuming them out using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. AM Pure air specialists use professional air duct cleaning equipment to clean your entire duct system. We have both hand-held equipment and heavy-duty machinery. For the hard-to-reach areas, our air duct cleaners combine several inspection tools like flexible cameras, periscopes, and mirrors to clean every inch of your clogged ductwork. Each of our ductwork cleaning services is geared toward ensuring you and your loved ones are not only comfortable but also safe while at home. Moreover, we ensure your entire HVAC unit is running smoothly and efficiently for the longest period.

Why clean your air ducts?

Among other benefits, air duct cleaning always enhances your home’s indoor air quality. In fact, homeowners battling allergy problems report a significant reduction in symptoms as soon as their HVAC units undergo a thorough professional cleaning. Moreover, proper air duct cleaning works to eliminate disconcerting odors resulting from pets or smokers inside the house. Still on the benefits, regular air duct cleaning reduces dust saturation in your indoor air significantly. Despite the integration of filters in heating and cooling systems, they don’t always deliver 100% efficiency. Some dust still falls through the cracks, penetrates the system, and settles inside the air ducts. A thorough duct cleaning is essential because it yields a noticeable difference in the overall dust distribution inside your home. Beyond dust reduction and enhancement of indoor air quality, a professional duct cleaning process can also result in significant financial benefits. This is because with clean air ducts, the system doesn’t strain to push air through the vents. Less you spend on electricity and the maintenance of your HVAC unit.

Cleaning Plan

At AM Pure Services, our duct cleaning process employs a powerful HEPA collection vacuum that’s aptly paired with different brushes and agitation tools for effective outcomes. This powerful combination effortlessly dislodges any embedded contaminants and dirt from your air duct system. Moreover, our cleaning services entail a complete and total cleanup of the different components of your HVAC unit. That includes all the supply and return air ducts, registers, diffusers, and grilles. Before embarking on the cleaning exercise, our duct cleaners will actively engage you to clearly establish what needs to be cleaned. Afterwards, a dirt and debris dislodging process will follow. The resulting mess is then cleaned away before moving to filter replacement. The final step will involve testing the air duct system to ensure a wholesome operation restoration. Our air duct experts are highly skilled at disassembling all the parts of your heating and cooling system, cleaning them, and reassembling them. As such, you never have to worry about the integrity of your system.


Ready to get your air ducts looked at? Get in touch with our air duct cleaning experts at AM Pure Services. We always adopt a thorough process that accounts for a holistic evaluation and inspection of the system. That means we undertake a physical examination of all your air ducts to help us paint an accurate picture of the underlying issue. From this examination, we will also determine the most potent cleaning strategy to apply and the entire scope of work to be undertaken.


Once the cleaning job is done, we always conduct a final inspection of the work done to highlight the outcomes realized. We will even go as far as providing you with “before” and “after” photos of the project to serve as a visual record of how much professional air duct cleaning can accomplish for you. In addition to the visual presentation, we will also bring to your attention any defects or damage that we uncovered within your ducts as we cleaned them. This is to help you plan for any needed duct repairs soon enough before the discovered problem intensifies.

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